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Barn Name: Ravi
Foaled: 6/7/11
Color: Seal Brown
Reg: ASPC 162110
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Dam: Plattes Angelic Dream
Height: Expected to mature 43"

Ravishing: extremely beautiful or attractive; enchanting; entrancing.  Every one of them
describes Ravi.  Her right eye is a beautiful shade of blue, contrasting with her nearly black

Ravi was pinned Reserve Champion Modern Pleasure 2 Year Old Mare Under at the 2013
Shetland Congress.  She was also part of our Reserve Champion Modern Herd of Four entry.
95431 Wait and See Star Lite
121240 Wait & See's Moonbeam
129812A Kid Lee
131867A Red Rock Sharp Note
142032A Grassmere's Showtime Kid
142531A Red Rock Tomorrow's Sugar Babe
138213A Captain's Mr. Delmonico
137748B B&L's "Golden Angel"
134006A Wait and See's Rebel II
139328A Grassmere's Empress Cody
Plattes Unfrazed
2016 Colt
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Unscripted
2018 FIlly
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Uncertainty
2020 Filly
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)