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Barn Name: Glitz
Foaled: 6/22/07
Color: Bay Tobiano
Reg: ASPC 151712A - Foundation Certified - AMHR 292589B
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Sho-Dee-Kid ASPC/AMHR
Dam: Grassmere's Glamorous Girl ASPC/AMHR
Height: 37.5" AMHR/40" ASPC

A huge THANK YOU to my friend Dennis Robison for allowing Glitz to
move to Minnesota. I absolutely LOVE this little mare.  After her Liberty
performance at Congress in 2011 when I badly pulled a muscle right after
releasing her I think she loves me to.  Glitz, who loves to show off,
wouldn't leave my proximity and as soon as the Liberty music stopped she
trotted up to me and waited patiently while I hobbled into position to
halter her and then she supported me all the way out of the ring.  She is a
very special pony!  
117698A Wink's Showdeo Kid
69706A Wink's Roja
107221A Rangemore's Royal High Hat
118191A Snooty's Kristy
128528A Wink's Showdeo Kid II
138086A Wait And See's Goddess Ann
128528A Wink's Showdeo Kid II
136717A Pony-Vista's Ritzee Lee
128528A Wink's Showdeo Kid II
132155A High Hat Black Label (HOF)
142899A Grassmere's Show-Dee-Oh Kid
141158A Grassmere's Glamour Girl
150467A Grassmere's Mr. Sho-Dee-Oh Kid
153597A Grassmere's Glamorous Girl
Plattes Truly Intriguing
2012 ASPC/AMHR Colt
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Truly Dazzling
2014 ASPC/AMHR Filly
Sire: Grassmere's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Undisputed
2016 ASPC Colt
Sire: Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Plattes Nyx
2018 ASPC/AMHR Filly
Sire: CLR's Adonis (HOF)