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Pedigree for Royal Charisma
116097 Rangemore's King Royal
115207 Crescent Blondie Lee
116097 Rangemore's King Royal
119478A Mrs. Lee
130014A Shane of Lou-Ed
130019A The Belle of Lou-Ed
108736A H.V. "King of All"
77003A Scarlet Flash of Lou-Ed
127386A Royal Lee
125134A Royal Le Ann
131566A Lazy C. Gold Bar
130011A Caprice of Lou-Ed
133258A Royal Red Viking
133602A R & R'S Honey Crescent
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Plattes Unraveled - 2009 Filly, Charisma was also the dam of the following:
Sired by Willowlawn's Mr. Unique (HOF)
Charisma passed away 12/4/09 after a long battle with a very severe case of heaves.
We have retained her daughter Plattes Unravled aka "Tiny" in the herd.  Charisma will
be missed.
Raz My Taz - 1998 Colt
Cheg-Kim's Mesquite Treat - 1999 Filly
Cheg-Kim's Snow Bunny - 2000 Filly
Cheg-Kim's Wee Jasper - 2004 Colt
Cheg-Kim's Ramblin Rosie - 2006 Filly